About Aria Carpet Industry

Aria Carpet Industry Co., manufacturer of various types of prayer-carpets for masques, prayer places and prayer rooms across the country, has commenced its activity taking a scientific approach in May 2012 in an area of over one thousand square meters in Shahre Ghods. It has founded one of advanced production complex of Prayer Carpet in the world by employing, complying and developing most highly technologies in this field.

Its second phase of production has already mounted in Kashan (Aran and Bid-gol towns) in 2014, and it is also equipped with modern production lines compatible with update European standards in order to develop its range of products. On the other hand, it paves the way of production by utilizing Belgian weaving machinery for exclusive prayer-carpet produce.

During its activity, Aria has exported its products to Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Oman, South Africa, Australia and Germany and intends to develop its exportation to other Moslem countries by 2016-17.


Making various planning to fulfill its vigorous objectives within the spirit of economic development is the central core of Aria’s activities in optimal production of prayer-carpets and to meet customers’ needs in coming years.

In this respect, Aria’s strategy to achieve its goals in line with economic fulfilment is as follow:

  • Production of favorable prayer-carpets by upgrading quality and price-oriented policy,
  • Rendering structural adjustments in production to increase effectiveness and efficiency,
  • Increase in production lines and endeavor to develop products quantitatively along with addressing customers’ requirements at light of more quality variation,
  • Promoting strategic transactions with target markets in Arab countries in order to improve domestic economic policies and overseas markets’ needs for its prayer-carpets.

Special Services

1. Feasibility for weaving prayer-carpets by using 350, 440 and 500 knots weaving machines with Belgian Vanvil Technology,

2. Utility of 40 different types of prayer-carpets in 7 colorings (green, blue, turquoise, pink, walnut, purple and crimson) in desirable qualities and various prices meet customers’ needs and budget,

3. Possibility for producing carpets rolls in 2.5 m width (2 connected rolls) and 3.60 m (3 connected rolls), and also, possible weaving of carpets with roll width of 1.20 and 1.25 m with no extra price,

4. Accepting orders and production of customized carpets for mosques and integrated flooring and without lots.



It hopes with God’s blessings and Iranians’ appreciation that it can take steps to develop the art of carpet-weaving and to have customers’ satisfaction. We invite you to watch out gallery of variety of products and enjoy special facilities. Your comments and recommendations are welcomed.

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